Now a days Traffic is important in SEO. How to increase traffic naturaally? Social Media! But if I require 1 lack daily visitors? What I have to do, Any idea, no doubt millions ideas and these must be followed, but in conceptual way we have to follow these lets get an idea what to do foe 1 lacks Visitors per day, hope these technique effects...

1. Link Building Never Ever Die - today is 70% and rest is 30% on-Page.
2. SMO - How to track - A big Intention.
3. PPC - No doubt it counts to increase visitors, but costly
4. Responsive Website - Mobile subscribers are increasing day by day. Though Mozilla launches rs 1500 Smart phone in future and in India the sales regarding this rises. A responsive website easily explorable through such mobile phone.

Rest is not dead as follow the E-mail marketing, Do mouth campaign, but all depends what people require, never ever compromise the peoples taste.

BUT WHAT ALL IS THE CONTENT - and for that every sentence should connected to every sentence, so nay human being who reads understand meaning in respective way.

In future SEO is never ever dead, because from this expectations are progressively increasing day by day. The concept is true that there is competition between Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and in future even more comes, because human being never ever stop, this technological advancement, no doubt helps to enjoy better life but don't forget the natural Surroundings which is responsible for what we are.

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