"IS SEO NO MORE", Who says to you, Let me tell and i will Explain, SEO exists always, only the technique change, Like what today's Big Company Ask - "I need Visitors" -How much? -"1 Lacks" how to do it all depends on you? But what to do to get 1 lacks visitors tell me, Ask From big Companies Liek MOZ and many more What their Answers, Is SEO, PPC, SMO, ? What exact Solution, E-Mail Marketing - A good One, Unique Solutions, What about Content?


"CONTENT IS KING", but from where to get heavy content, classic content, that loved by users, thoughts from where to come, What I write is what you will see, If you like, come again to it, same is true about the website and informative website is judged by Crawlers and Bots, Search Engine, but what about back links? Necessary, Why not ant No it is not necessary that is why SEO DEAD.

BUT SEO IS NOT DEAD - Because SEO include the CONTENT and it is part of Article and blog even Guest Blog.

So here are some unique ideas that makes SEO is NOT DEAD and all about UNIQUE CONTENT.

1. Valuable Content
Genuine Valuable content that offer Valuable Information.

2. Original Content - what like by Humanity
The post has potential to build traffic in it self as what people like when the post is E-Mail through Internet.

3. Create Future Content
People believe in Future so content is like that lets them to drive in future.

4. Think Beyond the Internet Marketing
Why not think beyond machines, why not try to write what human require, why always think about search engine, having such idea letting always think beyond the search engines and let the content to travel into the human heart that makes to feel what he or she require.

Same is what think the WhatsApp that is why join hands with Facebook and now getting good response that it has increasing its users as currently 45 crore users around the world, which is still increasing every second, Is that what the WhatsApp require only marketing? No it is only to create NETWORK, MAKE BETTER WORLD.

5. Impact offer Popularity
Think! What everyone require? Popularity, It is easy in today's world because of Internet! the website is easy way to explore the users, but what all require is to offer informative posts or rather say Valuable thoughts, Just Please think beyond the Machine World.

6. Real Impact require
What you say , when greet to person, Hello, how are you, what gets in reply. Fine good , you, good too, What is it a genuine Conversation so think about it be real and true to yourself along with yours that are communication.

7. Real World and Natural World is necessary
The main concept of Content is to make genuine communication with millions of people around the world as what I think. Build the content that makes such environment around the user.

The Reality likes by everyone and think SEO what it has the CONTENT, so think IS SEO DEAD? NO IT IS NOT, but SEO makes you millionaire if you are nothing in life, so always try to create content that likes by everyone.