So what Do you thing about this Statement, as beginning of December this "statement"  pronounce by million Digital marketer Employees, but why, because the major part that enjoys SEO SERVICES  is all the European countries like USA, AU, IRELAND, and many more, but why this slogan raise at that time, because People from here are busy in their one and only one Festival name - "CHRISTMAS", but what about the Indians who always worry of this slogan.

Lets have to know the Indian facts - Major companies in India outsource the Work, as outer counties get cheap cost labor, lets say the same work here is done in 3$ as what the same work is done in European countries that require to pay $10 for per hour.

This is the one End, another end is all depend on the SEARCH ENGINES like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more, the UPDATES shock the business and the clients left from the company to find some new SEO SERVICE provider, but those who actually know How SEO is done, sure they gain ranking again.

The third and most important is the change of technology like which one owned which hing, like recently Facebook purchase WhatsApp and Google have the WAZE, while Microsoft have the bing, yahoo acquired tumbler, HTML change the world of web2.0 to web3.0.

IS SEO DEAD, ask from yours, would Human don't want to eat food?, is it true with change of time everything changes, and SEO is no doubt a Technique, a world, an Idea, An Business Development Process, an Online Presence towards the globe that is responsible to change this world and we must change according to, it, but how?, lets have an EXAMPLE -

INDIA a poor country that is slaves by the BRITISHES, but before rule INDIA is one of the WORLDS richest country, who after being demolished stands on it self, because people are smart here and still they are finding their way to become MAJOR SUPER POWER, because they are capable and they are they will and one day they will become.

Same thing is all about the Indian business, a day when Indians use needle from outside countries, are now making their online presence around the world, means they are building their responsive websites according to their business requirement which satisfy to customers, more attractive, more elegant and simple to enjoy the online sales.
But that was not END as they are looking for the company that offers cheap budget Digital marketing, means maintenance for website that is SEO, SMO, PPC, to boost their online presence, iS SEO DEAD in INDIA?, why you worry about, even many small companies open throughout INDIA, but what all require to JOIN the good one that is well established, and for business prospective, VISIT THAT COMPANY THAT HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSONS who know what SEO is and how to do SEO.

Main aim of this blog is to boost your confidence as these are not simply thoughts but the reality of Indian market, so try not to back down but try to always rise in from of anyone as what our ancestor told, be punctual to everything, specially time and let see the results, but in SEO patience is the key to success.

NEVER even give up specially in the Digital marketing Field, because In India INTERNET is growing which is believe to become no. one up to 2020, making dream come true for APJ. ABDUL KALAM, former president of INDIA, which all due to the rise of telecom sector and that is all responsible to increase of mobile subscribers, so IS SEO DEAD... We don't have OUR SEARCH ENGINE, but when we get no doubt the India is one of the powerful in this world who is Just Started its journey through tiny hole that lets to develop the World Class Quality in FUTURE, so future is of the DIGITAL MARKETING and we are no doubt make it possible to develop our personality in the world of SEO, so SEO is Not DEAD, but still you have misconception, let me know?